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The International Congress of Linguists (ICL) takes place every five years, under the governance of the International Permanent Committee of Linguists (CIPL). The last congress took place in Seoul, year 2008. The Société Suisse de Linguistique (SSL) submitted a proposal for the organization of the 19th congress, in 2013, in Ferdinand de Saussure’s city, one century after his death. Geneva was chosen for the venue, and the Congress will take place there, from July 21 to July 27.

The title of the Congress is :

The Language-Cognition Interface

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To celebrate the nineteenth edition of the International Congress of Linguists, The Permanent International Committee (CIPL) has published, in collaboration with Brill, the anniversary volume Eight Decades of General Linguistics.

This collection presents the key lectures delivered at the previous eighteen conferences organized by the Permanent International Committee of Linguists and also a history of the Committee itself. The contributions of outstanding scholars such as Otto Jesperson, Louis Hjelmslev, André Martinet, Uriel Weinreich, Noam Chomsky and many other linguists cannot be over-estimated.

The majority of the papers address a radically new topic, each of which became one of the central issues in subsequent linguistic research. In addition to their empirical findings and/or the theoretical innovations presented in their papers, each contribution is still interesting and pivotal to the development of contemporary linguistics.

Exclusively for visitors of CIL19 a reduced-rate paperback edition will be available for sale at the Brill booth.


Monday 22: session | workshop

Tuesday 23: session | workshop

Wednesday 24: session

Thursday 25: session | workshop

Friday 26: session | workshop

Saturday 27: session | workshop

Noam Chomsky

During the 19ICL, the University of Geneva, in cooperation with the 19ICL and the Latsis Foundation, is organizing a University of Geneva Grandes conferences given by Noam Chomsky.

The lecture will be held at Uni Dufour (and broadcasted in other auditoriums), on 25 July, 20h (8 PM).

CIPL General Assembly

The CIPL General Assembly is scheduled Saturday 27th July at 2 PM (14h) (after closing ceremony) at the Uni Mail, 40 bd du Pont-d'Arve, Geneva in Room MR 160.

Note: the CIPL General Assembly is only for the delegates and members of the CIPL.